Arnold és Oszkár utazása az időben


6 görög isten, 4 egyiptomi fáraó és 7 római gladiátor rendel! Talán Pheidiasz sem kapott hasonló megrendelést 2500 évvel ezelőtt, a Café Designnak viszont naponta kellett teljesíteniük ehhez hasonló megbízásokat augusztusban. A tételek ugyanis az Auchan első matricagyűjtő-albumának szerves részét képezik, amelyet teljes egészében a Design tervezett és gyártott le. Arnold és Oszkár utazása az időben szeptember 5-től érhető el a hipermarket áruházaiban.


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Palotás Pálinka

The owner of this brand found us thanks to our history with alcoholic beverages. This is a love project for him next to his main business, still or rather for this reason he asked for a professional design referring to Hungarian traditions.


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NNG's booklet

NNG is a global navigation solution provider. The company recently moved into new headquarters and, along with the relocation, they felt the urge to welcome all colleagues with a new employee manual.


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The OTP Fáy András Foundation established a financial education institute for young adults in Budapest. The brief was to create a name and identity for the initiative and adapt the whole visual world to the building interior itself. But do it in a way teenagers would understand, like and find interesting. It was a complex project including graphic design, interior design, decoration and uniform design for teachers and workers.


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GlaxoSmithKline asked for a logo and identity to promote its campaign for in-house events where they can reach and activate their colleagues.


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Café Five

We had a stamping ground near our office, a small café with an ambitious owner and strong, pitch black espresso. The more we went there the more we chatted and as we got to know each other it all came down to a creative process, as it often happens with designers in a café.

Cappuccino gepbol_OK

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Oppenheim - dynamic identity

Oppenheim is the first branded law firm in Hungary with national and international clients. They briefed us when they decided to refresh their brand identity.


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Choi's Package vol.4

What could brighten up another Monday morning? The latest edition of Choi's Gallery! Especially when we are in it. Our wine packagings were selected to be published along with many inspiring designs. 


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Libri Publisher – Read baby, read!

Libri konyvek egyutt2 (2)

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Xyllophone foto (2)

Xyllophone is a company developing mobile apps. They needed a subject-relevant identity with some extra touches on the different elements.

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A Breath of fresh air

Lelegzet_FB (2)

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This time Schiszler earned silver!


Schiszler packaging earned silver prize at the 2012 PAKK Packaging Design Competition. Our AD, Tamás Veress and talented designer, Anna Kőfaragó - amongst other Schiszler duties she was responsible for the bottle design - took the award on behalf of the whole team.



A real Golden Blade for Café Design


This year we won a gold Golden Blade with our Flow project on one of the most acknowledged creative competition in Hungary - Arany Penge/Golden Blade.

Thank you all who participated in this project!

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Two nominations, two silvers

E3 dij2 (2)

This year at BOI – Best of International, the competition of E3 international agency network we nominated our Flow and Schiszler projects.

Both projects won silver!


Made in FLOW - case study


A logo is far more than a simple sign on a product or a business card. It is the face of an idea, an essence of all fundamental features a company. 

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